In full alignment with the WIDERA-Twinning-topic’s requirements, SEMEDFIRE aims to enhance the capacities and knowledge-acquisition of the Widening institution; EUC, in Research-&-Innovation (R&I) and Research-Management-Administration (RMA) relating to Fire Safety and Fire Management. This is aimed through networking activities with five top-class leading counterparts at EU level; IMPERIAL COLLEGE, WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY, PAU COSTA FOUNDATION, FRENCH […]


In the last few years, extreme wildfires have risen to international prominence, with widespread media coverage and political attention triggered by devastating fires in many places of the world, e.g. France, Greece, Italy, Brazil (the Amazon), and California. Such fires get out of control and devastate large areas causing unprecedented losses on biodiversity, emitting huge […]


The objective of the ResAlliance is to facilitate information and knowledge flow and increase the awareness, understanding and capacity of farmers and foresters on landscape resilience in Mediterranean countries. More specifically, ResAlliance will gather and assess knowledge and practice needs, gaps, barriers, solutions and good practices to achieve resilient landscapes, with special emphasis on measures […]

Advanced Fire Analysis Network (AFAN)

AFAN aims at formalising a European wildfire expert knowledge-sharing network focused on fire risk analysis (or assessment) and risk reduction. The initiative has the sub-objective to scale up existing regional and national and international knowledge and capacities, transfer them with the mission of shared mutual learning and create the basis of an operational network based […]

Ramats de Foc

“Fire Flocks” is a project that helps manage forest fire risk through shepherding. The contribution of herds in fire risk management is enhanced through shepherding in strategic areas. Fire Flocks hallmarck favors the continuity of livestock activity in the territory and prevents large fires. “Fire Flocks” brings together public and private agents interested in the […]


Wildfires suppose a growing threat to populated areas around the world, especially in the Mediterranean arch, with a climate change scenario that leads to increasingly intense and destructive fires. Populations with an urban-forest interface -UIF- such as Barcelona with its perimeter neighborhoods scattered around the Collserola Park, are especially vulnerable to fires because they do […]

EduFire Toolkit

EduFire Toolkit is an educational project coordinated by the Pau Costa Foundation, in the frame of the EC’s Erasmus+ programme. Currently, all climate change forecasts predict an increase in drought and average temperatures across Europe with a consequent expansion of the fire season, promoting changes in vegetation, loss of biodiversity, decreasing the quality of environmental […]

Environmental Education

The Mediterranean Forest, the Fire and You The Mediterranean Forest, Fire “y Tú” (and you), MeFiTu, is the environmental awareness project on the ecology of forest fires aimed at primary and secondary school students with the objective of educating, communicating and raising awareness among students, schools and society in general. This project works to reorient […]


The NEMAUSUS project (Network of European Multihazard cApacities hUb of Scientifics Understanding and Sharing) will provide preliminary settings of a European Centre of Expertise (CoE) dedicated to forest and wildfires. This Centre will rely on an existing French civil protection base in Nîmes-Garons (France) as the main entity of a system gathering knowledge related to this topic within the Union, […]