Our mission

We educate and create awareness in society influencing the prevention of wildfires through the fire ecology.


We listen, work, create and disseminate solutions for fire prevention and for the improvement of crisis management

We do this by connecting a worldwide network of researchers, operational staff and society that strive to achieve a systemic change through exchanging knowledge, ideas and diverse understandings


We advocate a profound change in the societal perception of fire in nature

We disseminate technical and scientific knowledge about fire impacts and crisis management

We work for and with the global fire community to gather recommendations on crisis management, lessons learned and experiences

We help to develop efficient, effective and useful projects and services


Action: Working to make ideas and projects come true

Equality: Prioritizing common good and gender balance in wildfire and emergency management

Engagement: Supporting the fire community is the core of the daily actions

Significance: Willing to lead profound changes in the field of wildfires and crisis management so they persist and extend beyond the Foundation

Versatility: Capacity to adapt, to look for new ideas to evolve and improve with a positive attitude

Visión de futuro de la Pau Costa Foundation

Corto plazo: Mejorar la capacidad de extinción, y la seguridad con nuevas tecnologías y procedimientos.
Medio plazo: Crear políticas que permitan gestionar los bosques de manera sostenible
Largo plazo: Crear una cultura de riesgo en nuestras sociedades


Mejorar la capacidad de extinción
Gestionar el territorio
Cultura del riesgo


We make the following information and documents available to society to express our professional, clear and rigorous way of working:

Information about the entity

Annual documents

Collaborating Entities

Entidades que financian proyectos

Entidades patrocinadoras de eventos

Entidades con convenio

La Fundación Pau Costa realiza convenios con entidades públicas y privadas con el fin de formalizar colaboraciones para realizar acciones conjuntas.
Consulta aquí los detalles de cada uno de estos convenios (castellano, inglés, catalán)

One of the sources of financing for the projects that we execute in the Foundation is through the contributions made by public and private entities.

The Pau Costa Foundation makes agreements with public and private entities in order to formalize collaborations to carry out joint actions.
Check here the details of each of these agreements (spanish, english, catalan)


Estas son las entidades con las que hemos establecido relaciones de confianza a lo largo de los años trabajando de manera conjunta.