Pool of expertise

Pool of expertise for consulting and assessment projects

Background: PCF participates in a number of consulting and assessment projects every year. As a non-profit, PCF is committed to sharing these opportunities with the fire community. Additionally, PCF wants to become a platform for individuals that would like to participate in consulting and assessment projects, but do not have the means, need support or want to be part of a larger team.

Objective: Creation of an internal pool of consultants interested in actively getting involved in consulting and assessment projects.

The pool will facilitate the Foundation to rapidly identify collaborators for each project when an opportunity arise. For instance, when there is a call for proposals being launched by a third party, PCF will check the candidates in the pool that better match the requirements of the call. Thus, ensuring that projects are done with the best possible available knowledge and expertise.

Through the creation of this pool, PCF enhances transparency and cooperation with the fire community in the projects involved.

Who can participate in the pool: Open to PCF’s members and other collaborators, that are interested in getting involved in projects with a duration that varies between days to weeks. Remuneration for the consultant’s contribution is expected and will be discussed with the candidates. The participation in these projects could be compatible with other jobs (*).

How to participate: Complete the form below and indicate your fields of expertise, topics of interest, experience in previous projects, and availability.

Your data will be part of an internal database, following the Spanish data protection regulations. Being part of the pool does not mean you commit to participating in every project, but rather makes PCF aware of your interest in getting involved in some projects that fit your profile.

When an opportunity arises, PCF will reach out to the best possible candidates based on the information provided by the consultants in the pool. You can decide if you are interested in the opportunity, and an expression of interest on how you would develop certain tasks may be requested.

The terms of services will be communicated and discussed in each case, based on the call’s conditions. As a general rule, experts will be expected to issue an invoice at the end of their participation.

Rules of participation in the pool: Being part of the pool implies following the rules:

  • Complete the form below with the info needed.
  • Update the information annually or when requested.
  • Encourage to become a PCF member
  • Adhere to PCF’s data protection policy, included in the form.

Selection of candidates: When PCF receives a proposal, we will then start the process of searching in the pool of expertise for the best possible candidates and contacting the potential candidates following these criteria:

  • CV highlighting expertise on the topic.
  • Priority will be given to PCF members.
  • Experience in other similar projects.
  • Availability to work on the project.
  • Skills for teamwork, availability to travel, fees costs.

Contact email: info@paucostafoundation.org

(*) Specific conditions of each project may change depending on the call. Check with Pau Costa Foundation to know the details of each case.

Registration Form

Personal information
Please, upload an updated CV:
Professional experience
We are aware participants in the pool may have jobs and professional commitments (seasonal or permanent), if you have any preference on when to participate in consulting and assessment projects, please let us know.
If you have any limitations to participate as consultant and you require support from the Foundation please specify what kind of support would be needed.
Please include here any additional comment you have for us.

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