Lines of action

We sensitize, educate and investigate

We work for the forest fire community by connecting to emergency services, land managers, society, academia, public and private sectors, and legislators.

We facilitate the meeting between researchers, emergency services and civil society.

A global non-profit entity, which has been in business since 2011, focused on the prevention and management of fires and major emergencies with a vocation to disseminate knowledge and make projects tangible.

Our lines of action

Knowledge exchanges

We promote exchanges between national and international entities to ensure that knowledge about forest fires reaches everywhere.

Resilient landscapes

We promote the resilience of landscapes through the analysis of the territory, proposing concrete management actions at key points.

R & D + i

We participate in Research, Development and Innovation projects to promote excellence and new advances in the field of forest fires and weave links between researchers, emergency services and society.

Conferences & Seminars

We organize face-to-face and virtual events so that the forest fire community can be informed of the national and international news.

Impact and Participation

We increase the visibility of the fire community by participating in local, national and international events.

Awareness & Dissemination

We transmit knowledge of forest fires through art and communication actions so that they reach the entire population and all generations in a more attractive way.

Social action

Social Action is a fundamental pillar of the Foundation that allows the establishment of links with entities and people from countries that need to improve their forest fire management capacity.

How we work

We help meeting the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations