We propose a training framework to empower organizations and train professionals in the field of fire prevention and extinction. We develop programs and actions which allow the exchange of knowledge and work methodologies between organizations in the field of wildfires.

  • We believe in competency-based training and career development within organizations. To this end, we design and help implement training plans based on the identification of the competencies to be developed during an emergency, and on generating a professional career structure within the organization itself.
  • We are committed to using training as an element of transformation of organizations. We facilitate the transition towards turning organizations into effective knowledge management systems generated internally and in collaboration with other entities.
  • We promote the exchange of knowledge between countries and organizations. We create training teams with our network of experts in fire prevention and extinction, to create a framework for the exchange of experiences and knowledge.

What we offer

✔️A design of proposals and training tailored to organizations and their professionals

✔️Different training frameworks compatible with each other, aligned with official training levels and certifications.

✔️A training model that focuses on learning outcomes (knowledge and skills acquired), and mainly focused on practical exercises in the field.

✔️Our network of national and international experts, and generation of new networks of experts who will participate in future trainings.

✔️To integrate organizations into our network of knowledge and experience exchange programmes, in order to build bridges of trust between professionals and organizations at an international level.

Training framework

Basic Prescribed Fire Course

50-hour training, for groups, based on agreement with an organization The abandonment of our forests and much of the livestock and agricultural activity in our

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Basic Wildfire Course

20-hour training, organized by DREAM Italia Very practical training in which it is intended to perform real fire and incorporates the latest techniques on forest

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Advanced Wildfire Course

20-hour training, for groups, based on agreement with an organization. To take this training it’s necessary to have previously completed the basic wildfire course. More

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Analysis of Wildfire Behaivour

50-hour course, for groups, based on agreement with organizations. This course aims to generate a technical improvement of the forecasting of the behaviour of the

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