In the last few years, extreme wildfires have risen to international prominence, with widespread media coverage and political attention triggered by devastating

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The objective of the ResAlliance is to facilitate information and knowledge flow and increase the awareness, understanding and capacity of farmers and

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Ramats de Foc

“Fire Flocks” is a project that helps manage forest fire risk through shepherding. The contribution of herds in fire risk management is

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Wildfires suppose a growing threat to populated areas around the world, especially in the Mediterranean arch, with a climate change scenario that

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EduFire Toolkit

EduFire Toolkit is an educational project coordinated by the Pau Costa Foundation, in the frame of the EC’s Erasmus+ programme. Currently, all

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Enviroment Education

Environmental Education

The Mediterranean Forest, the Fire and You The Mediterranean Forest, Fire “y Tú” (and you), MeFiTu, is the environmental awareness project on

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The NEMAUSUS project (Network of European Multihazard cApacities hUb of Scientifics Understanding and Sharing) will provide preliminary settings of a European Centre of Expertise (CoE) dedicated

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The overarching objective of the FireLogue project is to create a network and a platform for the discussion on the future of

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Marie-Curie Action, part of the European Union’s Horizion 2020 Program, has recently selected to fund a new, global initiative in wildfire research.

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Audiovisual projects

The Big Silence

Promoters of the documentary ‘El Gran Silenci. Horta de Sant Joan’ The events that happened in the fire of Horta de Sant

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Silabh Beagh (Ireland)

Pau Costa Foundation develops a Wildfire Management Plan at landscape scale commissioned by Monaghan County Council, under the project framework CANN Interreg, in the protected area

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