Technical Analysis and Training Frameworks for Organizations

Organizations working in fire prevention and suppression require a continuous assessment of their capacity for training and career development of their professionals, as well as their internal structure toensure an effective response to the challenges currently posed by wildfires. To this end, it is essential that organizations are able to manage the knowledge and experience they generate, and to train their professionals in fire prevention and suppression, based on this management.

In this line, the Pau Costa Foundation has developed a technical assistance proposal, the EGIF program for CONAF in Chile, to empower organizations through the creation of a training framework that allows the capitalization of knowledge and experiences; training of key people in planning, analysis and use of fire in operations during a forest fire; and generation of a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.


  • Empowering and converting organizations into entities capable of managing internal knowledge and facilitating the career development of their professionals.
  • Generate a training program that enables the capitalization of the organization’s knowledge and experience.
  • Establish a working methodology to include fire planning, analysis and use of fire in operations during wildfire response.
  • Generate a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences.


  • Design and creation of the training framework after analysis and detection of the needs of the organization and professionals.
  • Training of trainers on the training framework and implementation methodology.
  • Implementation of the tiered training framework, through joint (organization-PCF) training of trainers.
  • Creation and development of fire management teams.
  • Creation of technical fire units.
  • Creation of a framework for international exchange of knowledge and experience.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

Addressed to:

– Organizations and public entities responsible for the prevention and extinction of forest fires.
– Professionals from the organizations and entities themselves.

Juan Caamaño, Training ans Operations Area Manager (