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“Fire Flocks” is a project that helps manage forest fire risk through shepherding. The contribution of herds in fire risk management is enhanced through shepherding in strategic areas. Fire Flocks hallmarck favors the continuity of livestock activity in the territory and prevents large fires.

“Fire Flocks” brings together public and private agents interested in the continuity of the pasture in our forests by converging their needs. To this end, it articulates a chain of production and consumption of food from the participating herds that contribute as an added value to the prevention of fires in strategic forest areas (defined by firefighters and / or forestry technicians of the Department of Agriculture).

With “Fire Flocks,” the participating herders introduce their herds into forest areas with the objective of controlling the understory. Artisan butcher shops trade works to give added value to the products of the participating farms, through a badge that certifies support for the control of the risk of fires carried out by the herds. Consumers will know that eating Fire Flocks’s gastronomic products has social benefits; it serves to keep alive the local extensive livestock farming and Mediterranean forests alive.

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