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The Pau Costa Foundation promotes a new working group to make visible and contribute solutions to gender inequality very present in the sector of fires. Whether from personal experience or from the reality we see every day, we are aware that women in the world of emergencies are still very stigmatized. We find that many similarities are shared with other sectors (the glass roof, family reconciliation …) or specific to the sector, such as maternity being a limiting factor due to the level of physical effort required in some positions. Therefore, they want to develop a series of measures that aim to give visibility to these challenges, and explore opportunities, in order to give visibility to this reality, promote y get la equality and diversity within the emergency sector.

8M 2022 FireVoice Campaign! Map of insights from women working on wildfire

We are preparing a new map intended to gather and display women’s insights about their work. We would like to show how they feel about the work they do and what they have learnt.

To this end, we need to count with the participation of women around the world who want to share their experience via video, audio or in writing. We would like to have the answer to questions such as: What inspired you to dedicate yourself to the field of forest fires? What is the reality of women working in forest fires in your country? What are your hopes for the future?

If you fancy taking part of this new project, please, fill out this survey.

Map of insights from women working on wildfires

Creation of the Women in Forest Fires Map for # 8M 2021

On the occasion of March 8, 2021, we launched a map for all women who work in the different sectors of forest fires to put their pins and give visibility to the work they have done.Thank you very much to all of you for participating!

Dare to put your thumbtack on it map and do not forget to attach documentation about your work through this form.

Campaign to make women visible within this sector for # 8M, 2020

On the occasion of March 8, 2020, we launched a Twitter campaign to ask women in the sector to share an image or video of them doing their work. More than 80 women left their mark on this campaign, thank you very much to all of you for participating!

Inquiry here is the #WomenInEmergencies campaign.

Study on aptitude / access tests to fire brigades based on sex

El The Research Group VALFIS of the University of León, in collaboration with the Pau Costa Foundation, has carried out a study analyzing the physical selection tests that are established in the different public and / or private calls for access to structural fire brigades and forest fire brigades at the level national, taking into account the gender perspective. The results of this study were presented on March 11, 2021 in a webinar in which Annika Coll Erikson participated, who shared with the attendees her extensive professional career in the world of emergencies, the barriers that have been found by being a woman.

Read our PCF Diversity Manifesto

The Gender and Fire Group has written the PCF Diversity Manifesto to give a more intersectional approach to the entity’s activity.

In the forest fire community, our goal is to act as a speaker for those voices that are currently underrepresented, such as those of women, young people and the elderly, people from the LGBT community, indigenous communities and people. with different capacities.

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