Strengthening links with Argentina and Chile

Given the new dimension that wildfires are taking, it is more necessary than ever to cooperate and exchange knowledge with other regions and countries. In this context, the Foundation has established a network of contacts and institutions with which it collaborates in Chile, with a training framework in CONAF, and Argentina, a country in which various training actions have been developed.

In order to continue maintaining and promoting collaborations, Jordi Vendrell, director of the PCF, held several meetings with organizations and entities from these two countries during the week of September 26th. Meetings were held in Buenos Aires with the National Firefighters Academy and the National Natural Parks Authority to continue creating a network in Argentina and lay the foundations for future agreements. Likewise, in the city of Córdoba, links were strengthened with our long-standing partners from the Federation of Volunteer Firefighters, and future collaborations with the Ministry of Security and the ETAC units were explored.

Meeting at the offices of the National Authority for Natural Parks, Buenos Aires.

In the next stage, Vendrell travelled to Santiago de Chile to meet with the executive director of CONAF, Cristian Little, and the fire manager, Pablo Lobos. Later, in Taumé, he met with the PCF team that is carrying out training in prescribed burning and ignition specialists within the framework of the collaboration agreement with CONAF.

This initiative has received a grant to support internationalization for Catalan entities, from the Departament d’Acció Exterior i Govern Obert de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

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