ResAlliance kicks off

The ResAlliance project (Landscape resilience knowledge alliance for agriculture and forestry in the Mediterranean basin) held its kick-off meeting from December 12th throught the 14th at The European Forest Institute (EFI) premises at Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona. This first meeting served to introduce ResAlliance partners; overview the project and establish common ground regarding the expected results and the means to achive them; define priority actions (calendar) and tasks for every work package (WP); see the need of integration among the different WPs; and plan the main actions to be carried out during the next months. The project is coordinated by EFI. The Pau Costa Foundation (PCF) is one of the 16 partners of the project.

The objective of the ResAlliance is to facilitate information and knowledge flow and increase the awareness, understanding and capacity of farmers and foresters on landscape resilience in the Mediterranean basin. More specifically, ResAlliance will gather and assess knowledge and practice needs, gaps, barriers, solutions and good practices to achieve resilient landscapes, with special emphasis on measures against hazards caused by climate change. In order to reach this objective, ResAlliance will create and animate a Mediterranean thematic network on landscape resilience (“LandNet”) for forestry and agriculture. The LandNet will continuously identify, engage and grow new cooperation and networks to access, improve and increase the knowledge of solutions and good practices.

The Pau Costa Foundation will lead the Knowledge Transfer: Dissemination and Exploitation work package. To this end, ResAlliance will use “LandLabs” to engage farmers and foresters with the solutions, and good practices identified by the LandNet at tye different regional levels; experimental learning that will include showrooms and field trips; and a series of wider policy forums to engage with other key stakeholders and decision makers.

“ResAlliance will allow us to approach wildfire management as part of an integrative landscape managemnet perspective where traditional activities such as farming or forestry play a key role to achieve overall landscape resilience in the context of climate change” says David Martín, PCF’s project manager.

ResAlliance is an EU Horizon CSA funded project, within the frame of Horizon-CL6-2022-Governance-01 call.

ResAlliance is an Horizon CSA funded project, within the frame of Horizon-CL6-2022-Governance-01 call

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