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Start date:
Jan 1, 2013
End date:
Jan 1, 2016
343.019.070 €
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt

PHAROS focuses on developing a sustainable, pre-operational open service platform which integrates space-based observation, communications and navigation technologies to provide innovative services for a wide variety of users and application domains. Multi-hazard applications such as the prediction/early detection of emergencies, population alerting, environmental monitoring, crisis management and risk assessment are managed through a single, user friendly interface, targeting several users (crisis managers, operators of critical infrastructures, insurance companies, scientific/academic).
Through a flexible, scalable and modular architecture, the platform will integrate the following services, which are broadly based on innovative technologies available within the consortium:
– Satellite EO data access and in-situ sensors and processing;
– Decision support services based on data fusion and situation assessment techniques;
– A simulation platform for hazard modelling and risk assessment;
– An alert message gateway to alert the population through a variety of communications means.
A novel energy-efficient satellite uplink optimised for long messages will be added to in-situ sensors improving their availability and deployment flexibility. Location information from remote responders will be integrated into the common operational picture and GNSS services will be applied to disseminate alert messages to the population. A free-space optical downlink will be used to download data from a real EO satellite, achieving throughput in the order of Gbps.
The project will culminate with a pre-operational demonstration in a realistic forest fire exercise, organised and controlled by fire brigades, during which the entire platform will be challenged and all services will be validated by end users. The results of the demonstration will be fed back into the business case and sustainability roadmap to ensure the sustainability and commercial viability of the project in the long term.

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