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Aerial Operations in Forest Fires

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Aerial operations in forest fires carry risk, risk for the people who pilot the aircraft and risk for the people who are on the ground. Risk is the most important characteristic of these operations. [...]

The contribution that this book makes, as the authors indicate, while considering other equally valid operation options, will result in a better understanding of the air media and the operations with these and, therefore, in Better management of extinction. [...]

Elsa Enrique Mayor - Head of Forest Fire Defense Area. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Edition year: 2014

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The reader interested in the defense against forest fires and, in particular, the managers of the extinction of forest fires and of the air coordination, will find inescapable the reading of this book, given the extensive and valuable information that it contains, not disclosed so exhaustively so far in the literature. The book gathers the history of the use of aerial means for the extinction of fires in Spain, the conditions and characteristics of their use and the detailed description of the operations with fixed-wing and rotating-wing means of each one of the main types of media, this being a prominent chapter, since the detailed information collected is key to achieving management efficiency. [â € ¦]

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Project director / Coordinator: Juan Caamano Azcárate (Pau Costa Foundation)

Coordinator / Author: Elena Hernandez Paredes (Forest Fire Defense Area, Ministry of the Environment)

Authors: Felipe Borderas Ruiz (Airborne Technician - BRIF), Bienvenido Aguado (Air Coordinator - Cos de Bombers de la Generalitat de Catalunya), Juan Jose Enriquez Pérez (captain of Group 43 - Canadair 215T / 415), Raul Quílez Moraga (Head of Forestry Section of the Valencia Fire Brigade Consortium, Forest Technical Engineer), Juan Jose Espadas Gutierrez (Fire Sergeant - Cos de Bombers de la Generalitat de Catalunya)

Advisers: Marc Castellnou (Chief Analyst GRAF - Cos de Bombers de la Generalitat de Catalunya), Juan Caamano Aramburu (Captain of Ship - pilot Bell 212, Sikorsky UH- 60)

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