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We raise awareness, research and manage forest fires and major disasters.

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The Future of Wildfires

A complete educational guide with very useful information on how to prevent and be prepared for the future wildfires. 

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Advanced Fire Analysis Network (AFAN)
AFAN aims at formalising a European wildfire expert knowledge-sharing network focused on fire risk analysis (or assessment) and risk reduction. The initiative has the sub-objective to scale up existing regional... [+]
Ramats de Foc
“Fire Flocks” is a project that helps manage forest fire risk through shepherding. The contribution of herds in fire risk management is enhanced through shepherding in strategic areas. Fire Flocks... [+]
The Big Silence
Promoters of the documentary ‘El Gran Silenci. Horta de Sant Joan’ The events that happened in the fire of Horta de Sant Joan in July 2009 in some way represented... [+]


Pau Costa Foundation is global non-profit entity focused on wildfires management and prevention.

Since 2011, we are facilitating the exchange between researchers, stakeholders and civil society with a vocation to disseminate knowledge and make projects real.