Basic course in Technical Fire Management


17th-21st October 2022 in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands).


The Pau Costa Foundation Fire Management Course aims to prepare firefighters and managers in the use of prescribed fire as a land management tool as well as a fire suppression technique. The course has a 70% of basic knowledge in the use of fire and a 30% which is site adapted and can be addressed to fire prevention or fire suppression.

The Foundation offers trainers with the requirement of quality as a principle and develops training of high specific qualification applied to the management of forest fires.




Basic course in Technical Fire Management

Gran Canaria, 17th-21st October 2022



  • To discover the role that fire plays in some ecosystems
  • To provide technological solutions to alleviate forest fire problems
  • To instruct in modern day Forest Fire Fighting Techniques
  • To implement the Prescribed Fires to help reduce the catastrophic damage of wildfire
  • To become a skilled technician in using prescribed fires and suppression fires (use of tactical fire to prevent and to extinguish forest fires)



This course is adapted to the level of the participant and the specific needs.


  • Ignition tools and patters
  • Fire behavior
  • Use of fire in controlled burns
  • Use of fire during suppression
  • Safety
  • Prescribed burning plans
  • Fire ecology
  • Command structure


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