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#FireHomeSchool It is a training program at the same time as a window to the world regarding forest fires. Its main objective is to spread knowledge about fires globally and to echo multiple projects, actions and initiatives related to the world of forest fires. Knowledge will always be disseminated in video format. Until now, the following actions have been carried out within the framework of this program:

PCF Webinars (global perspective) on IIFF

Once a month a webinar will be organized to assess and present the current situation of forest fires globally.

1.- #PCFWebinars: Forest fire management in the province of Córdoba, Argentina

In this first webinar, forest fires in the province of Córdoba, Argentina were analyzed. The presentations were made by Matías Reinas and Marcelo Gómez of the Federation of Volunteer Firefighters of the Province of Córdoba, Argentina and the Bialet Massè Barracks.

2.- #PCFWebinar: Analysis of the fires in Wales, United Kingdom

Craig Hope, station manager for the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service. Hope shared his insight into the challenges and solutions for fires in the UK.

3.- #PCFWebinar: Analysis of the fires in Portugal.

The meteorology of recent years was analyzed, the evolution of the fires to date, what are the current challenges, what solutions are currently being proposed, the Oleiros fire that is having the emergency corps of Portugal.

4 .- # PCFWebinars: Analysis of the fires in Siberia. Video + Articles

Wildfires in Russia have so far burned an area larger than the size of Greece, according to Greenpeace Russia. Firefighters in Siberia continue to fight forest fires caused by a heat wave. Greenpeace Russia. Therefore, this #PCFWebinar focuses on what is currently happening in the Arctic area, precisely in Siberia, and how these seemingly rare fires are increasingly becoming the norm.

5.-#PCFWebinars: Estudio actual de los incendios forestales en Chile y los efectos del Cambio Climático.

The forest fires in Chile of 2017 were a series of forest fires generated in multiple foci in the central and southern areas of Chile, which marked a turning point in this country's relationship with forest fires, and in the study of the effects of climate change in forest fires globally. Jorge Saavedra (CONAF) nos explica el estado actual de los incendios forestales en Chile.


Initiative that was born under the context of a state of alarm and the control measures that were taken due to the global pandemic due to the coronavirus. Its objective is to give voice to all the projects or actions of other people, which are related to forest fires. The dynamic is simple: present the action or project in less than 20 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for attendees to ask. All presentations can be viewed HERE

Note: The PCF is not responsible for the opinion of the presenters

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