Round-up campaign for “Fire Flocks”

Bonpreu and Esclat supermarkets have selected the “Ramats de Foc” (Fire Flocks) project as a beneficiary entity in their 2023 social calendar.

Throughout the month of June, customers of the Bonpreu and Esclat supermarkets will have the opportunity to round up their credit card payments and thus make a donation to the “Fire Flocks” project aimed at wildfire risk management through forest grazing. A total funding of €50,000 is envisaged.

“Fire Flocks” will use the money collected to carry out preliminary forestry work to promote grazing with herds; the introduction of herds in forest areas with the aim of controlling the undergrowth; the installation of fences in the boundary areas of the project; the establishment of drinking troughs for the herds, and the design and installation of informative posters.

This donation is part of the “Round-up” initiative by Bonpreu and Esclat supermarkets and Worldcoo, for voluntarily round-up of payments to benefit organisations working in different social causes.

More about the the campaign on the Bonpreu and Esclat here. You can track the total amount collected at any time at the following link.

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