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Start date:
Jan 1, 2024
End date:
Dec 31, 2025
833.218 €
Pau Costa Foundation

The EWED project (Extreme Wildfire Events Data Hub for Improved Decision Making) will set up a testbed and open platform to advance in research and prepare European emergency response systems for extreme wildfires.

For two years, the consortium will gather fire and atmosphere data from extreme wildfire behaviour that has the potential to become extreme events in European countries (Norway, Spain, Greece, Netherlands and others). These data will be used to populate a novel Open Data Portal. The complex processes involved will be adjusted based on Large eddy simulation (LES). The results will be used to improve a land-atmosphere coupled model (CLASS) to learn and improve the understanding of the atmosphere-fire feedback during extreme fire events. The resulting model and data portal will allow real-time analysis of ongoing extreme fire events with atmosphere coupling.

Finally, the results will be used to propose advanced guidelines and training on how to prepare and respond to extreme wildfires in Europe. In addition, the guidelines will provide recommendations on how to implement in different European contexts, including new fire-prone countries in Central and Northern Europe that have not yet experienced those types of behaviour, ultimately improving Europe’s preparedness.

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