EduFire Toolkit

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Start date:
Apr 1, 2022
End date:
Oct 31, 2024
205.000 €
Pau Costa Foundation (PCF)

EduFire Toolkit is an educational project coordinated by the Pau Costa Foundation, in the frame of the EC’s Erasmus+ programme.

Currently, all climate change forecasts predict an increase in drought and average temperatures across Europe with a consequent expansion of the fire season, promoting changes in vegetation, loss of biodiversity, decreasing the quality of environmental services and contributing to global warming. The climate is changing more in northern Europe than in other parts of the world, so these countries must urgently take measures to mitigate the impacts and adapt. Similarly, regional climate change models also highlight the importance of developing new forest fire prevention strategies in the Mediterranean, which is considered a high-risk area. According to the recent publications of the European Commission regarding wildfires, investing in fire prevention will be prioritised. Education and raising risk awareness amongst future generations has a central role in the sustainability of fire prevention.

The main objective of the EduFire Toolkit project is developing a set of multidisciplinary teaching resources following a Project-based Learning methodology, together with activities designed to encourage community participation, aimed at secondary school teachers and students (12-16yr) in relation to real and local challenges related to climate change and wildfire risk reduction. The project takes a transversal approach with concepts around fire, wildfires and climate change and aims to engage with the curricula of the different disciplines (CETIAM). Thus, it will demonstrate how they are related to each other while promoting participation, structuring the materials in different levels of concretion according to the level, rhythm and educational needs, taking into account diversity.

The project-based learning methodology will be used, allowing students to acquire knowledge and key skills through developing projects that respond to real-life problems. All the resources and results of the project will be open access, useful as tools to complement the teaching and learning process, and help the educational community to address the problem of climate change, and particularly in relation to highly relevant wildfires. 

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