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Start date:
Jan 1, 2024
End date:
Dec 31, 2025
Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera

Wildfires in the Pyrenees: turning the threat into an opportunity for rural development over forest bioeconomy.

The pre-Pyrenees are characterized by being a forest area in which historically their natural resources such as wood have been one of their main economic assets. However, the rural exodus due to the lack of opportunities led to an unmanaged landscape that, with the current context of climate change, become a critical scenario for extreme wildfires.

BIO FOR PIRI project aims to intervene in key factors for the prevention of extreme wildfires and to promote social bioeconomy in pre-Pyrenees regions.

The project will be developed in Alinyà-La Seu d’Urgell (Lleida) and Aínsa-Sobrarbe (Huesca), two geographical areas representative of the pre-Pyrenees area. Also it will be performed at two different scales. The first, regional scale, will plan and define action criteria for the prevention of extreme wildfires in the entire Pre-Pyrenees. And the second, at local level, will implement actions to promote the forest bioeconomy, such as forestry work, biomass production or the use of ecosystemic services.

BIO FOR PIRI is funded by Fundación Biodiversidad, within the frame of Forest Bioeconomy 2023 call.

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