Advanced Fire Analysis Network (AFAN)

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Start date:
Jan 1, 2021
End date:
Jul 31, 2022
350.652 €
Pau Costa Foundation

AFAN aims at formalising a European wildfire expert knowledge-sharing network focused on fire risk analysis (or assessment) and risk reduction. The initiative has the sub-objective to scale up existing regional and national and international knowledge and capacities, transfer them with the mission of shared mutual learning and create the basis of an operational network based on trust and support to generate an overall improvement of the European wildfire emergency response capacities and coordination.

  • Provide a complete picture of the existing fire analysis knowledge, capacities and tools existing in Europe for national use and for international support.
  • Develop a novel network structure to efficiently exchange best-available knowledge and know-how on wildfire risk analysis and provide better response into the existing wildfire responders system to face unprecedented wildfires.
  • Improve the existing fire analysis skills and capacities through a mutual-learning approach, where multiple countries benefit from participating in the network, learning from each other and setting the basis for consolidation and collaboration between countries during emergencies.
  • Identify the protocols to design a common framework to foster remote fire risk analysis assistance during a wildfire emergency event.
  • Identify bottom-up actions between the network participant organisations (e.g. bilateral agreements) to address the needs and challenges expected in the future.

Target participants

European civil protection experts and organizations, fire and rescue services, regional public agencies, volunteer organisations responsible of wildfire risk management, existing networks national or international, fire training centres, forestry agencies, wildfire management experts, researchers and related SMEs and EU funded projects.

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