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Safety manual for forest firefighting operations

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[...] That is, it all started as recommendations, associated with the first generation of fire, being completed with standards in the second generation. Before the third generation, the compendiums of norms and recommendations were simplified in a protocol of easy application for the operation, the LACES and its evolutions. But before the challenges of the 4th and 5th generation, we no longer talk about protocols, we apply a change of concept.

The new approach is a change in the way of applying fire safety. This book by Raúl Quílez, as a compilation of knowledge in the world of fires in relation to safety, allows not only to penetrate it, but also to deepen the evolution in the field of forest fire safety. Given the growing uncertainty of fires that exceed the extinction capacity of our organizations, the answer cannot only be to increase the safety standards, protocols and quality of PPE. It is clear that this is a way forward and will continue to bear fruit, but it cannot continue to be the only way. [...]

Marc Castellnou - Forest fire analyst, President of the Pau Costa Foundation.

Edition year: 2015

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[...] This compilation book of knowledge and experience is a great step in this regard. It allows us to reduce uncertainty, think about strategies and tactics to facilitate operations within known scenarios, and avoid accumulating doubts in the operating units around their security environment. The benefit of all this evolution of knowledge lies on the operation, on the structures of our organizations, the obligation to understand that fire safety goes through safe work environments, through tactical planning with certainty and with design of strategies designed with this objective and not only with the one to solve the emergency as soon as possible. [...]

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Authors: Raúl Quílez Moraga, Enrique Mérida Bautista.

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