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Wildfire Tribune is a program reserved to disseminate knowledge on forest fires to the general public. It is a space, where involved together society and experts. The public asks their questions, and the experts answer. Here, you can find complex topics transformed into direct knowledge accessible to everyone. It is a space where neither the technicalities nor the highly corset structures have a place. It is the knowledge about forest fires suitable for all audiences.


But this could not be released without your participation, and without showing us your concerns about the fires. It is time to launch your questions. The wildfire campaign will start soon, and you may start asking questions about it and you don't usually stop to think during the year. We do not want these doubts or questions to remain unanswered. We want to know what questions you ask yourself, and that you leave them on the form.

Remember that the questions are anonymous, so don't be afraid! question! that the experts will answer you. From today April 29 You can send us your questions now. Cheer up! 🙂


    Caffè Sospeso  It is an initiative that is part of this program. Read more.


    Help us spread knowledge about forest fires!