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Technical assistance for the forest fire prevention infrastructure project of the Sierra de Collserola priority protection perimeter (PPP)

The general objective of this technical assistance is to project the strategic infrastructure for the prevention of forest fires of the PPP, based on the design scenario determined by the fire risk in the area. Specifically, this task involves determining the limits of the works and treatments, specifying in detail the areas of Strategic Management Points (PEGs), Water Points and newly created tracks, if there is a need.

Likewise, the actions will be projected, the treatments to be carried out will be typified, depending on the habitat and its objectives, specifying it in the PEGS, setting the objectives of reducing the load of vegetation, density, fraction of covered space and covering of understory, with the idea of ​​treating the vegetation in these PEGs so that the behavior of the fire enters the extinguishing capacity of the fire extinguishing services.

The PEGs are associated with an extinguishing maneuver, therefore it is necessary to ensure their functionality, define the type of anchorage, Safe areas, access roads, front speed reduction areas to achieve surface fire behavior, Low load areas vegetation associated with reduction zone of Secondary Focus (FS) launch, and everything that is necessary to be potentially used as an opportunity for extinction.

The work will have a descriptive sheet for each PEG, a proposal for the water points and possible newly created tracks. Actions will be prioritized. PEGs will be prioritized through the study of vulnerability of the potential polygons to forest fires and their connections, for each typified design scenario, through the analysis of the values ​​chosen to protect (human lives, potential hectares affected, operational efficiency of infrastructure, other existing values ​​in the area ...).