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“Landscape Products” is a program that aims to give visibility to products that contribute to creating resilient landscapes against large forest fires

We believe that it is very relevant to support and demonstrate farmers and ranchers, who work on an extensive basis. They are a key piece in the face of the challenges that lie ahead. In order to help solve the problem of rural abandonment and prevent GIFs, Great Forest Fires, the PCF wants make producers visible who are committed to landscape management and GIF prevention.

Sustainable management of forests and forest landscapes must be restored through traditional practices. Therefore, we pursue a consumer awareness, that revalue the task of producers and end up facilitating the recovery of the activity agribusiness traditional. To achieve this objective, the PCF works on various actions. The first action tries to make visible through social networks, under the hashtag “ProductosPaisajes”, the traditional agricultural and livestock products that you are consuming during confinement, whether they are km0, come from livestock or extensive agriculture or are produced on small farms.

Action 1

In the current context of confinement, you have surely changed your eating habits and your preferences when consuming. It is possible that the reduced mobility has allowed you to meet those producers who are close to your location.

For this reason, we would like to know what products you consume now as a result of confinement. With this small action, we want to make visible the products that have begun to be consumed in a context as atypical as the one we are experiencing.

How should you do it? Very easy!

You should only share the following information through your Twitter account:

  • Name and image of the product and / or producer
  • Product image
  • Area where you buy it

And… what if you don't have Twitter? Send it to and we publish it for you in our account!


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We promote landscapes resilient to large forest fires, consuming products that manage our landscape