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Preparedness Day Forest Fire Prevention Day

It is a day dedicated to neighbors who live in interurban forest areas. The managers of the territory (forest firefighters, civil protection, environmental agents ...) visit the owners to their houses to make them aware, door to door, that their homes are in a fire risk area, and offer them a series of tips to adopt. In total the PCF has made two editions:

  • Edition I (2018) Riva del Sole and Principina a Mare (Grosseto, Italy), La Gabella (Pisa, Italy), Caiano (Firenze, Italy),Vacarisses (Barcelona, ​​Spain) and Torrelodones (Madrid, Spain) 

This conference was held in 4 locations at once: Riva del Sole y Principina a Mare  (Grosseto), The Gabella (Pisa) and Caiano (Firenze) m thanks to the collaboration of the regional government Tuscany region Protezione Civile Regione Toscana.

In the provinces of Barcelona and Madrid, they were held that same day in the towns of Vacarisses y Torrelodones, respectively, thanks to the collaboration of the Barcelona Provincial Council and Torrelodones Civil Protection.

The Day of Preparedness day It was possible thanks to the collaboration of the Diupatación de Girona.