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Incandescent memories is an art exhibition made up of 21 paintings by the artist Josep Serra i Tarragón, a doctor by profession and an artist of soul, belonging to the Arte & Fire collection of the Pau Costa Foundation. The documentary 'El Gran Silencio', broadcast by TV3 in 2015, was the trigger that inspired Serra to turn his inquisitive and curious look at fire into art. The objective of this exhibition is, on the one hand, to reflect the invisible work of emergency professionals and their reaction to this work, and on the other hand, to reflect burned landscapes, trying to make the viewer not only see the fires as a disaster but as an opportunity for the landscape.

Presentation of the exposition Incandescent memories

International congresses 14th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit y International Congress on Prescribed Fires, organized by the Pau Costa Foundation together with other entities, were the presentation scenarios for this exhibition in 2018.

Incandescent Memories Exhibition

In the framework of the initiatives and actions carried out throughout 2019 to honor and remember the family and friends who left us on July 21, 2009 in the Els Ports de Horta de Sant Joan (Horta10) fire, the traveling exhibition Incandescent memories He has toured several locations and kilometers:


  • Mollerusa, from February 28 to March 24
  • Town of Segur
  • Tremp
  • Horta de Sant Joan
  • Lleida
  • Barcelona
  • Girona
  • Alcanar, from 1 to 30 December


  • Girona, from January 2 to 31
  • Tordera, from February 1 to 29
  • Sant Julià de Vilatorta, from March 3 to April 2
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