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FIRE-IN - Fire and Rescue innovation network

The main objective of FIRE-IN is to improve the national and European capacity of extinction services by promoting innovation in this area and providing pioneering solutions that significantly increase the effectiveness of EU emergency services to raise the level of Security of its citizens.

The overall result of the project will be a wide network of professionals and research related to emergencies. The scope of the network will be cross-border and will feed the harmonized operational requirements (or challenges) in the development of national and EU capacity, that is, research, acquisition and standardization programs.  


One of the results of the FIRE-IN project is the realization of a European platform for the exchange and repository of documents, the creation of discussions between experts from different emergencies, the search for experts from different disciplines, etc.

  • may 2017 - april 2022
  • Pôle de compétitivité SAFE CLUSTER (Project Coordinator)
    Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Officiers de Sapeurs-Pompiers
    Italian Ministry of Interior
    Federal Agency for Technical Relief
    Global Fire Monitoring Center
    INERIS Developpement
    Fraunhofer INT
    Pau Costa Foundation
    Catalonia Fire Service Rescue Agency
    Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection (Poland)
    The Main School of Fire Services (Poland)
    Council of Baltic Sea States
    Czech Association of Fire Officers
    inno TSD
  • Total budget: 3.496.241,25 €