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El International Congress of Fire Ecology will be organized in person in the Italian city of Florence from October 4 to 7, 2022.

In this event, experts from all over the planet will be invited to meet for four days to share experiences, science and knowledge on the theme of the ecology of fire. This conference will be a meeting point for international forest fire and landscape managers, scientists, policy makers, communicators and other representatives of national, regional and local organizations. More information here.


  • Virtual event 2020
    The two webinars featured the participation of a panel of wildland fire scientists and managers at an international level. Webinar recordings, as well as speaker and presentation information, can be found here.


Along with the webinar series, a virtual film festival on fire ecology was organized. The festival received 23 film submissions from 9 different countries, representing a variety of themes. The film that got the most votes was Walking with Fire: A Wildfire Documentary. Movies are still available for viewing here.