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Art for the Pau Costa Foundation is a fundamental means of expression to disseminate knowledge about forest fires. For this reason, the art fund "Art & Fire" was created in 2012, one of the first projects that the Foundation carried out. Next, we present all the artistic resources that the PCF has created since then, where forest fires are intertwined with the different artistic formats:

Memòries de Foc is an exhibition that invites you to walk through the artist's works Josep Serra i Tarragón while he himself in voice over tells you the meaning that each one of these artistic works has for him. They have been carried out in different languages; in Spanish, Catalan e English. The works of art can be found on the virtual exhibition platform; peopleArtfactory and also on the channel YouTube from the PCF.

It's a series of 50 short videos created to convey key concepts of the world of forest fires through art.

Exhibition (face-to-face) at L'Espluga de Francolí, Tarragona. Since June 9, the doors of the Rural Life Museum have been reopened.

First (virtual) exhibition on forest fires. In this video you will see the itinerary.

  • Art & Fire in the Lessons On Fire
    Consult documents about art and fires on the platform.

In this album you can consult the works that various cartoonists, illustrators, painters and graphic creators from all over the world have given us in order to collaborate with the Art & Fire art fund.

Incandescent memories It is an art exhibition made up of 21 paintings by the artist Josep Serra i Tarragón.

Pep Serra and Art & Fire 

Since 2016 the artist Pep Serra He has been working closely with the PCF art fund. Since then he has not stopped creating and donating works of art to the PCF. Undoubtedly, thanks to this soul artist and doctor by profession, the Foundation has one of the largest repositories of works of art in relation to forest fires. We already have 1243 works from 2016 to December 2019.

Donated artwork (2016-2019)