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The main objective of the WUIVIEW project is to design, configure, test and operate a virtual worktable service for the analysis based on the performance of fire environments in the surroundings of buildings in the urban-forest interface. In line with the objectives of the Civil Protection Mechanism of the Union and this Call for proposals, the WUIVIEW action will develop an innovative risk management tool that will help WUI communities adapt to face the new generation of forest fires that already They have emerged due to climate change. Once implemented, WUIVIEW will become a powerful platform for testing and simulation studies that address the survivability of structures, shelter evaluation, hazard testing of construction subsystems and system evaluation. fire protection. The development of the system will improve the knowledge base on the fire risks of microscale fuels and the vulnerability of building systems and materials, which will help to develop better policies and standards to prevent WUI disasters.

  • may 2016 - april 2020
  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Coordinator) Pau Costa Foundation, Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics, Laboratory of Industrial Environment Engineering, Research Institutes of Sweden, Università di Bologna.
  • https://wuiview.webs.upc.edu/#objective
  • Total budget: