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We manage, raise awareness and investigate nature

The Pau Costa Foundation is a non-profit organization that facilitates the encounter between researchers, emergency services and civil society.

We focus on the prevention, management of forest fires and major emergencies, with the aim of disseminating knowledge and making tangible projects that serve both the forest fire community and society.

The health of our forests depends on the use we make of it and how we live with fire

  • We listen, work, create and disseminate solutions for fire prevention and for the improvement of crisis management.
  • We do this by connecting a worldwide network of researchers, operational staff and society that strive to achieve a systemic change through exchanging knowledge, ideas and diverse understandings.
  • We advocate a profound change in the societal perception of fire in nature.
  • We disseminate technical and scientific knowledge about fire impacts and crisis management.
  • We work for and with the global fire community to gather recommendations on crisis management, lessons learned and experiences.
  • We help to develop efficient, effective and useful projects and services.
  • Action: Working to make ideas and projects come true.
  • Equality: Prioritizing common good and gender balance in wildfire and emergency management.
  • Engagement: Supporting the fire community is the core of the daily actions.
  • Significance : Willing to lead profound changes in the field of wildfires and crisis management so they persist and extend beyond the Foundation.
  • Versatility: Capacity to adapt, to look for new ideas to evolve and improve with a positive attitude.

Future vision of the Pau Costa Foundation

Short term: Improve extinction capacity, and safety with new technologies and procedures.
Medium term: Create policies to manage forests sustainably
Long term: Create a culture of risk in our societies.
Improve extinction capacity70%
Manage the territory40%
Risk culture20%

Awards and Honours