Basic Wildfire Course

20-hour training, organized by DREAM Italia

Very practical training in which it is intended to perform real fire and incorporates the latest techniques on forest fire emergency.


  • Knowledge of LACES and TEFF procedures and their application to forest fire fighting.
  • Establish the standards and methods used in the elaboration of lines of defence.
  • Knowing water extinguishing operations
  • Knowing waterless extinguishing operations
  • Perform tasks safely and efficiently
  • Know and describe the factors that can compromise the safety of firefighting operations.
  • Basic knowledge about fire (fire triangle)
  • Identify the fuels, meteorology and topography factors that affect the initiation and spread of wildfires.
  • Obtain basic concepts about the Forest Fire Emergency Management System – SMEIF.
  • Identify the factors and indicators of danger situation around fire behaviour.


  • The current problem of forest fires
  • Introduction (Legal Definition of Forest Fire)
  • Factors, dynamics and physics of fire
  • Basic principles of fire behaviour
  • Extinction Techniques
  • Methodology of action with hand tools
  • Methodology of action with water
  • Methodology of action with heavy machinery
  • Personal safety
  • Personal protective equipment

Addessed to:

– Emergency personnel (fire fighters, volunteers, foresters, etc.)
– University students and students of Intermediate and Higher Technical Certificate related to the Environment and/or Civil Protection.
– Forestry workers who wish to orient their training towards emergency-related jobs.

Juan Caamaño, Training Area Manager (