Basic Prescribed Fire Course

50-hour training, for groups, based on agreement with an organization

The abandonment of our forests and much of the livestock and agricultural activity in our modern society has led to the accumulation of fuel in our ecosystems, generating more virulent fires that greatly affect the population. It is therefore necessary to change the perception of our society and of many forest fire professionals about the ecological factor of fire in our forests.

This course is designed to train in fire management as a tool for land management and suppression, necessary to adapt to the new challenges that we face in terms of wildfires.


  • Discover the role of fire in forest ecosystems.
  • Provide technical solutions to the problem of wildfires.
  • To modernize fire management techniques in suppression.
  • Implement the use of Prescribed Fire in fire prevention.
  • To know the application of technical fire in extinguishing operations.


  • Pyroecology.
  • Meteorology.
  • The Burn Plan.
  • The preparation of the burning.
  • The safety of burning.
  • Burning Patterns.
  • Evaluation of the burn.
  • Transmissions.
  • La Quema de Ensanche.
  • The Backfire.

Addressed to:

– Emergency personnel (urban firefighters, volunteers, forest firefighters, etc.) who want to be trained in fire management as a tool for prevention and extinction and thus be able to integrate into a burning team.
– University students and students of Intermediate and Higher Technical Certificate related to the Environment and/or Civil Protection.

Juan Caamaño, Training Area Manager (