Advanced Prescribed Fire Course

50-hour training, for groups, based on agreement with an organization. To take this course it is necessary to have previously completed the basic course on prescribed fire.

This course is designed to train in the management of burn teams, the design of burn plans and the management of fire suppression operations with fire as the main tool.


  • To promote knowledge of the role of fire in ecosystems.
  • To provide the commander with the necessary skills for the organization, direction and supervision of technical fire operations.
  • To modernize fire management techniques in suppression.
  • Implement the use of Prescribed Fire in fire prevention.


  • Pyroecology.
  • Advanced meteorology.
  • Planning and execution of the Burn Plan.
  • The organization of the preparation of the burning.
  • The safety of the burning (Head of Security).
  • The Execution of the Burn (Ignition Chief).
  • Burn Command (Chief of fires).
  • Evaluation of the burn.
  • Transmissions.
  • Widening burning.
  • The Backfire.

Addressed to:

– Emergency personnel (urban firefighters, volunteers, forest firefighters, etc.) who are middle managers and want to lead a burning team.
– University students and students of Intermediate and Higher Technical Certificate related to the Environment and/or Civil Protection.

Juan Caamaño, Training Area Manager (