Analysis of Wildfire Behaivour

50-hour course, for groups, based on agreement with organizations.

This course aims to generate a technical improvement of the forecasting of the behaviour of the forest fire, which allows the commanders of emergency teams to anticipate their behaviour and plan safer and more effective attack strategies.


  • Precede the behaviour of the forest fire in the tasks of extinction and/or prevention.
  • Improve the attack capacity according to the prioritization of actions.
  • Work with the highest security currently available.
  • Modernize fire attack techniques based on fire behaviour.


  • Introduction to the emergency.
  • CPS.
  • Alignment Factors.
  • Tipping Points.
  • Critical Points.
  • Logical Reasoning.
  • Potential Careers.
  • The signature of the Fire.
  • Chimney effect.
  • The Dead Man’s Zone.
  • Fires in Urban-Forest Interface.

Adressed to:

  • Emergency personnel (urban firefighters, volunteers, forest firefighters, etc.) who perform the functions of middle and senior management.
    – University students and students of Intermediate and Higher Technical Certificate related to the Environment and/or Civil Protection.

Juan Caamaño, Training Area Manager (