Agreement between URIF International and PCF

On November 1st, 2022, Pau Costa Foundation and URIF International signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to foster cooperation in matters such as leadership in wildland fire management; organization of workshops, symposia and training sessions; educational and professional development, and networking; exchange of knowledge and experiences; dissemination of wildland information through publications, media and social media; and funding for collaborative research and other activities.

“With this agreement we want to support initiatives that arise from the fire community such as URIF International, which will allow promoting comprehensive fire management actions in Bolivia,” says Jordi Vendrell, PCF Director.

URIF International (International Forest Fire Response Unit) is a non-governmental organization created by fire management professionals, with the aim of providing a comprehensive response to disasters caused by forest fires. URIF not only responds to the emergency situation caused by forest fires, it also offers comprehensive training at different scales, the creation of qualified and well-organized devices, the comprehensive use and management of fire as a tool for building resilient landscapes, post-emergence and a return to normality.

“This agreement means uniting work and common objectives, feeding the network of fire and promoting empowerment in times of change, and a lot of research to continue evolving in a resilient way. In short, it means combining experiences and visions that drive the creation of projects where fire management is a key two-way learning point,” adds Andrea Carpio, President of URIF International.

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