We bring MeFiTU to the province of Tarragona!

Thanks to a grant from the Diputació de Tarragona (Tarragona Provincial Council) , within the framework of the call for subsidies for non-profit organisations for the development of projects and actions to protect and improve the environment, this year we have been able to hold the MeFiTU environmental education workshop in eight schools in the province of Tarragona.

In particular, we have taken MeFiTU to schools located in municipalities where there has recently been a fire, or that are located in areas susceptible to experiencing a wildfire. Furthemore, the workshop has been carried out at different school levels with the aim of responding and transmitting knowledge among a wide range of students with different needs and concerns. During the workshops, we have had the collaboration of the Catalan Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS): they explained their work, taught the tools they use to carry out their tasks and deal with wildfires, and provided support in carrying out the activities.

The schools where we have carried out the MeFiTU workshop have been: Montsant School in Ulldemolins (17 April), Maria Jesús Ortí and Abella School in Sènia (25 April), Rocabruna School in Picamoixons (18 May), Doctor Ferran School in Corbera d’Ebre (25 May), the Cabra del Camp School (ZER La Parellada) in Cabra del Camp (1 June), the Salvador Espriu School in Roda de Berà (20 September), the Serra de Prades School in Prades (22 September), and the ZER Mediterrània School in Poblenou del Delta (26 September).

Once all the workshops had been completed, a study was carried out to evaluate the impact of the educational programme in terms of environmental awareness, fire ecology and territorial impact, based on the monitoring of different quantitative and qualitative indicators through surveys and observational studies.

About the MeFiTu

The Mediterranean Forest, Fire “y Tú” (and you), MeFiTu, is the environmental awareness project on the ecology of forest fires aimed at primary and secondary school students with the objective of educating, communicating and raising awareness among students, schools and society in general.

Learning through the MeFiTU workshop takes place through a series of activities in which the pupils and the fire are the protagonists.

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