Basic Training on Fire Behavior and Fire Operations

This training is aimed at first responders and, it consists of 20 hours online and 35 hours in-person.

Training language: English

DREAM Italia and the Pau Costa Foundation propose a standardized training programme which allows the discovery of knowledge and the sharing of techniques among the participants involved, facilitating the risk management and making it more effective.

Training content

This training enables participants to acquire the basics on forest fires behavior, fire operations and safety parameters.

It is tailored to the needs and expertise of the first responders to forest fire emergencies, their current and future capabilities and site specificities. We apply a follow-up method to help the participants throughout their learning process.


  • Introduction to Fire Behavior
  • Campbell Prediction System
  • Fire Fighting Techniques
  • Safety
  • Manual Tools
  • Lines
  • Structucture and Principles

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