Prescribed burning in fire-prone landscapes


Autor: Various
Editorial: Ecological Society of America
ISBN: 1540-9295
Año: 2013

Número especial de la revista Frontiers in Ecology and Environment, publicada por la Ecological Society of America (ESA), descàrrega gratuïta.

Perspectives on prescribed burningJeremy Russell-Smith, Richard Thornton

Prescribed burning in southern Europe: developing fire management in a dynamic landscapePaulo M Fernandes, G Matt Davies, Davide Ascoli, Cristina Fernández, Francisco Moreira, Eric Rigolot, Cathelijne R Stoof, José Antonio Vega, Domingo Molina

Prescribed fire in North American forests and woodlands: history, current practice, and challengeKevin C Ryan, Eric E Knapp, J Morgan Varner

Prescribed burning in southwestern Australian forestsNeil Burrows, Lachlan McCaw

Fire management in species-rich Cape fynbos shrublandsBrian W van Wilgen

The Maya milpa: fire and the legacy of living soilRonald Nigh, Stewart AW Diemont

Managing fire regimes in north Australian savannas: applying Aboriginal approaches to contemporary global problemsJeremy Russell-Smith, Garry D Cook, Peter M Cooke, Andrew C Edwards, Mitchell Lendrum, CP (Mick) Meyer, Peter J Whitehead

The rising Great Plains fire campaign: citizens' response to woody plant encroachment. Dirac Twidwell, William E Rogers, Samuel D Fuhlendorf, Carissa L Wonkka, David M Engle, John R Weir, Urs P Kreuter, Charles A Taylor Jr

Prescribed burning in fire-prone landscapes