Forum on Catalan Wildfire Research


Cursos presenciales
Centro: FPC
Duración: 06/11/2018 - 06/11/2018
Límite de inscripción: 30/10/2018
Precio: Gratuito


A space for discussing with all key actors about research, collaboration opportunities and challenges towards a more applied research.

Participants (free registration): researchers, practitioners, fire managers, land planners, students, industry, administration and development sectors. The Forum aims at discussing with all key regional actors the state of the art of all branches of research linked to wildfires. The current gaps, challenges and opportunities will be identified to define the steps towards an integrated, efficient and more applied research including all key actors. 

The Forum will also be a space for networking  and creation of synergies between key actors, and to explore funding opportunities for research and development.

Contributions from sponsors  are welcome to support the event, contact us at: