Art and Fire


The Fire Ecology and Management Pau Costa Alcubierre Foundation works in a variety of fields, being education one of them, with awareness raising campaigns and environmental education programmes for primary and secondary school students on the topics of forestry and forest fire. This educational project will be developed in several stages and in the long run we would like it to have a global scope.

We have already started an open worldwide campaign, so that the PCF can obtain an art and graphic material fund related to this project. We are addressing illustrators, painters, graphic creators and artists from around the world asking them to collaborate with the PCF by creating and donating a piece of art about their own “interpretation of a character”, concretely of a “Wildland Fire-fighter”. The PCF wants to use this visual material as support for its educational project, as support in travelling exhibitions and to illustrate other materials to promote the project.

The DONATED ARTWORKS GALLERY contains the pictures that the participants to this project have sent. We would much appreciate to founders, friends and supporters of the PCF to make dissemination of this project. The letters describing the project in different languages can be downloaded by clicking on the images below.

WILDFIRE - Michele Grindberg
  • 01_Art&Fire
    FOC - Pere Vilaseca
  • 02_Art&Fire
    ASPENFIRE - Robin Phillips