Prescribed Grazing


Initial execution period: October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018

The project Prescribed Grazing, promoted by Pau Costa Foundation and the Butchers Professional Association of Girona with the support of Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, wants to enhance the contribution of herds in fire risk management, by grazing in forest areas.

In collaboration with Bombers - Regió d'Emergències de Girona, 4 pilot areas have been identified in the Baix Empordà region, interesting either to prevent the spread of fire and/or the possible formation of a major forest fire, or for facilitating extinction operations. By means of agreements with landowners, shepherds, forestry engineers of the region and other agents involved in the management of the rural environment, 4 tests of prescribed grazing in these areas will be started.

By prescribed grazing, the practice of extensive livestock following previously established guidelines and objectives is meant, in order to achieve a type of forest more resistant to fire. On the other hand, the project seeks to promote the continuity of grazing livestock in the territory, as a twofold -food and landscape production- activity, and strengthen the link between local shepherds and butchers. Therefore, the Butchers Professional Association of Girona works on how to add value to the products of the participating farms, by means of a label certifying the support to control the risk of fires carried out by the herds.

With this project, Pau Costa Foundation's ultimate goal is to promote a change in society's perception of fire. Understand that they are a natural phenomenon in Mediterranean environments, but at the same time a certain management of the territory will allow to avoid the large fires that cause more damage. And that with actions as simple as consuming products from nearby herds, we will be contributing to create and maintain these landscapes adapted to fire. Therefore, it depends on society as a whole that the project Prescribed Grazing may end up in a network of livestock farms and butchers supplying these food products, in the region of Girona and beyond.

Fundación Pau Costa - Silvopastoreo Prescrito - Alimentación Sostenible para la Prevención de Incendios Forestales

Project Meeting-Lunch, 20th November 2017

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