A WEBINAR is an on-line meeting, seminar, which is used to transmit training or online events to large groups of people, with the presence of experts to discuss topics of recent developments in relation to fire management, research or the application of new technologies.

The vision of the Foundation to the webinars is a tool for discussion of current issues on forest fires, both among experts and open to the public. This conference platform online allows us to open these debates to all types of international public.

The Foundation is developing a program of webinars, among those who have already entered into the following:

- Presentation of CPS WILDFIRE MANAGEMENT TOOL software, new software simulation of forest fires, EMXSYS developed in collaboration with the Pau Costa Foundation.

This new tool has been developed using the powerful software platform for NASA, which is a novelty for viewing possibilities it brings. The software is revolutionary in terms of predicting behavior and determination of critical points, which means a great help in the working of operational strategies. The tool was presented at the NASA World Wind Europa Challenge, annual world championship on sustainable development organized by the NASA (North American Space Agency), being the first tool selected from among more than 40 applicants.

- Which indicate seasonal forecasts? 27/1/2014

The goal is to expose how it is presented today next season wildfire 2014. Through fire specialists and technicians from the Foundation the risk will be assessed provided in the geographic area of Western Europe for the next campaign fire, taking into account the analysis of the information known so far. [full video of this Webinar SP]

- Mesa Forest Fire Behavior Monitoring

The main objective of this panel of experts is used as a tool for all professionals of the extinction of the fire community in the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean. You want to provide the opportunity for all professionals to take advantage of an agile, knowledge and experience capitalized by experts. This table is composed of experts monitoring of forest fire behavior of the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean. Your participation is voluntary it as the expression of their views, with the sole purpose of sharing the acquired knowledge and information collected in situ on the behavior and evolution of the latter during the wildfires. The board of control is formed by professionals from different bodies of extinction, as well as experts from other disciplines. It is not a closed table, professionals will be present depending upon availability providing knowledge voluntarily.

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