Collaboration CUIMPB - PCF


Annually, a renewed partnership between the International Center Menendez y Pelayo Barcelona - Centre Ernest Lluch (CUIMPB) and Pau Costa Foundation is in order to organize one of the courses of the CUIMPB autumn course catalog, always around wildfire theme. In this arrangement, the organization assumes CUIMPB course and instructs the PCF leadership and coordination. These are issues to date:

- METEOROLOGY AND WILDFIRE from 7 to 9 November 2012. In this first edition coordinated by PCF, we have speakers from various meteorological agencies (Meteocat, AEMet, MetOffice), responsible for various services of extinction (GRAF-Bombers , Government of Aragon, Valencia Fire Consortium, INFOCA-Andalusia), and research centers and universities (CREAF, UB, CTFC) among others. [programme SP] [conclusions SP] [photogallery]

EURO-MEDITERRANEAN CONFERENCE ON FOREST FIRES. From 18 to 20 November 2013. This was definitely the most international edition to date. Since opening of Mr. Ron Spadafora of NYFD, through presentations Cristina Párraga (DLR), Jesús San Miguel (EFFIS), Joaquin Ramirez (Tecnosylva - San Diego), Christophe Besacier and Andreas Schuck (EFI), to analysis of the campaign on the Peninsula fire 2012 through experts like Marc Castellnou, Raul Quílez, Luis Berbiela and Manuel Paez. [programme] [conclusions] [photogallery] [VIDEOS]

WILDLAND URBAN INTERFACE FIRES: TOWARDS A RISK INTEGRATION IN LAND MANAGEMENT. From 27th to 29th October 2014. During this edition, Luis Correa (CONAF) surprised us with the reality and problems of WUI fires in Chile; we also have the presence of Robert A. Farmer (FEMA) who introduced us to the front major emergencies organization in USA. National experts of different profiles presented the results of their work in their professional field: Cristina Montiel (Patroness of the PCF, UCM), Pepa Moran and Anna Zahonero (ETSAB), Eduard Plana (CTFC), Anna Badia (UB), Moses Galán Carles Noguera, Jordi Pagès and Jordi Guarque (Bombers Gencat), or Vincent Pastor (SDIS 13, France) were among the keynote speakers. [program] [conclusions] [photogallery]

- HUMAN DIMENSION FOR EMERGENCY MANAGENT. From 19th to 21th October 2015. [photos]

Workshop - Meteorology and wildfires