PHAROS - Project on a multi-hazard open platform for satellite based downstream services


ABOUT PHAROS... Satellite-based systems have become essential for disaster response and relief. On the one hand, Earth observation (EO) satellites provide highly valuable data for forecast, short and long term monitoring as well as disaster impact evaluation. On the other hand, satellite communication systems, being reliable and robust against natural and man-made disasters, can be used to rapidly restore communications for responders, but also for citizens. Furthermore, satellite navigation systems are unavoidable for logistics, first aid resources deployment and rescue operations.

OBJECTIVE / The project PHAROS will design and implement an innovative multi-hazard open service platform which integrates space-based observation, satellite communications and navigation assets with other technologies to provide sustainable services for a wide variety of users in multi-application domains, such as prediction/early detection of emergencies, population alerting, environmental monitoring, crisis management and risk management, targeting several users, such as crisis managers, operators of critical infrastructures, insurance companies and academic/research.

PARTNERSDLR - Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (Project Coordinator, Germany), Tecnosylva (Spain), Avanti Communications (UK), Space Hellas S.A. (Greece), IQ Wireless GmbH (Germany), SPMM - Stichting Platform Mobile Messaging (Netherlands), Eutelsat S.A. (France), Pau Costa Foundation (Spain)

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