V Meeting FuegoRed 2014


In 2007 was born the Red Temática Nacional FUEGORED “Efectos de los Incendios Forestales sobre los Suelos” fruit of Spanish researchers interest in maintaining a more fluid relationship that would develop better science. One of the meeting points of these researchers are International Meetings FUEGORED, allowing present the latest developments of the various teams participating in the meeting and know the reality of fires and fire effects in different areas of the peninsula.

In 2014, the Pau Costa Foundation is committed to supporting the organization of the V International Meeting FUEGORED, near the University of Barcelona and the GRAM. The meeting lasted three days; the first devoted to presentations of papers and two days of field sessions where management actions territory fire prevention initiatives forest management and utilization of synergies arising from partnerships at the local level were.

Field sessions were a space for debate and discussion in a unique framework: forest area in central Catalonia and the area burned by the fire of 1994 (Bages - Berguedà, 45,000 ha burned), one of the worst summers concerning burnt in the Iberian Peninsula surface.


Field trip
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    Opening FUEGORED 2014
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    Field trip