Pau Costa Alcubierre

Pau Costa Alcubierre

Pau, born in Sant Julià de Vilatorta, Osona, on the 13th of September in 1977, had his first contact with the forest fire world at Lleida's University. There, he became a Forest Technician Engineer and got his Master degree in Forest Fire Analysis.

At the same time, he started his professional career by being a member in the GRAF Technique Unit of the Fire Fighters Service of Catalonia. He was a forest fire analyst in the South of Europe and worked in the European Fire Paradox project, for which he wrote a guide about the prevention of big forest fires.

His was the initial idea to create a platform in which we could acquire all this knowledge and he was the one who wrote the first draft of the Foundation project. From the very beginning, he got involved with this idea and drew the research lines that then formed the final project of the Foundation, which today bears his name.

His idea coincides fully with the purposes of the Foundation and this Foundation is impregnated with his professional and personal values: his warm, affable and human character. For us it is very important that Pau keeps being a part of the project, his project.

Tribute to Pau Costa