The Supervisory Board

It is the governing, representational and administrative body of the foundation. Its powers are set out in the statutes and its main functions are to ensure compliance with the mission and objectives set out in the statutes, ensuring its viability. The supervisory board is responsible for setting the strategic lines of programs where the foundation should act and also to ensure the economic viability of the projects budgets. The Pau Costa Foundation supervisory board intends to seek balance by including a representation of concerned professionals of the wildfire community at international level and is built on three main lines, the operational world, the academic world, as well as in the impact and effects of fires on society and the territory that encompasses it.

  • Marc Castellnou Ribau / Chairman

    Spain. Catalonian Fire Service. GRAF Crew Bo ss. Forestry Engineer (1997) and holds a M.Sc. in fire management from the University of Lleida (2005). He is a Senior Fire Analyst of the Grupo de Actuaciones Forestales (GRAF) of the General Department of Prevention and Extinction of Fires and Rescue Services of the Catalan Government (since 1999). MIMAM Fire Extinguishing Manager (2006). UFF CTFC Manager (1997-1999). Fire Paradox project integrator (2006-2010). Coordinator of research projects on the fields of forestry fuel patterns, fire ecology and fire management. Organizer and speaker at international congresses, specialized courses and technical meetings (1995-2010)

  • Ricardo Olabegoya Venturini / Vice-Chairman

    Spain. Assistant General Director of Services and Civil Protection of the Cantabrian Government. Between 2004 and 2005, he was the General Director of the General Department of Prevention and Extinction of Fires and Rescue Services of the Catalan Government. Consultant in Latin America for emergency issues.

  • Albert Bartolomé i Regué / Secretary

    Industrial Engineer (UPC) began his career as general manager of a family business in the field of graphic arts (1998-2000). He then started a new position in the Hewlett-Packard company (2000-2004) where he was responsible for operations, responsible for printers manufacturing in one of the subcontractors in Hungary, for which he was awarded "Star Awards” by the company. In 2004 he began a new stage in the engineering field, which would focus on fire origin and causes investigation, creating his own company in 2009 until now. In 2007 he began training in the field of forest fires through the GRAF unit (Fire Department of the Catalan Government), actively participating with the GRAF on 2008 (June-December).

  • Johan Heine / Board member

    South Africa. Working on Fire General Director since 2003 of Working on Fire (WOF) in South Africa and member of the South African ICS working team between 1986 and 1989. He created the Lowveld Fire Protection Association as a result of an initiative of the forest sector companies to establish wildfire fighting from the air in the Lowveld (Eastern Mpumalanga, South Africa), being its General Manager until today and its administrator since 1990. Pilot of the Forest Fire Association (FFA).

  • Paulo A. Martins Fernandes / Board member

    Portugal. Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD) . Forest Engineer (1991) and Ph.D. in Forest Sciences (2003). Researcher at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro in Vila Real, Portugal, where he also teaches BSc. and MSc. wildland fire classes. Past and current research involves a wide range of fire-related topics, with a particular focus in the interactions between the behaviour, ecology and management of fire. Coordinating and supervisory duties in European cooperative research initiatives included the EUFIRELAB (2002-2006), FIRE STAR (2002-2005) and FIRE PARADOX (2006-2010) projects. Currently, Paulo belongs to the Steering and Management Committees of COST Action FP0701 - Post-fire Forest Management in Southern Europe. He is regularly involved in prescribed fire training courses in Portugal, especially since 2002, and did consulting work on fire management policies and effectiveness, fire management planning, prescribed burning and fire danger rating. In 2008 he participated in the 5th year review of "Program A - Safe Prevention, Preparation and Suppression of Bushfires" of the Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre, Australia.

  • Xavier Úbeda / Board member

    Catalonia. University of Barcelona (UB). Xavier Úbeda is Doctor in Geography and lecturer in the University of Barcelona, where he teaches, among other subjects, the subject “Management for the prevention and recovery of burned forests” in the Official Master in “Territorial planning and environmental management”. In 2010 he was appointed President of the “Spanish Society of Geomorphology” until 2012. He is the Spanish representative in the Commission Land Degradation, a work group of the International Geography Union, and is a member of the board of the “Catalan Society of Geography”, belonging to the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC). He is the coordinator of GRAM (Mediterranean Environment Research Group), research group recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia (2009-2013). He has been published more than 30 times in national and international publications in topic related to environmental issues, including forest fires.

  • Doug Campbell / Board member

    USA. Campbell Prediction System, Inc. Qualified expert on operations, planning and fire analysis at the US Forest Service from 1952 to 1984, having been responsible, amongst others, for the Hot Shots. From then on he has been active as a fire behaviour analyst during many large wildfires. He created the Campbell Prediction System (CPS).

  • Andreas Schuck / Board member

    Deutshland. European Forest Institute (EFI). Andreas Schuck, M.Sc has worked as Head of Programme “Forest Resources and Information” from 09/1997 to 12/2008 at the European Forest Institute (EFI). Since 02/2009he is Head of Office of EFI’s Central European Regional Office, EFICENT. He has extended experience on European forest resources, forestry statistics and Information systems and good insight to international and EU policies. He is an Observer in the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Monitoring Sustainable Forest Management and has served as Board Member of the EC 6th Framework Programme Project FIREPARADOX.

  • Cristina Montiel Molina / Board member

    Spain. Madrid Complutense's University (UCM)"Professor of Regional Geographic Analysis at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). She began teaching at the University of Alicante and has been Visiting Professor at the University of Aix-en-Provence (France). S he currently teaches courses in Spatial Planning in the Geography Degree and Territorial Dynamics Master and Development of the UCM. Her main research focuses on Forest Geography around, what she has been a participant and director of European research projects of the INTERREG and the Sixth Framework Programme and COST research networks. Lead the research group UCM-930 329 Forestry Policy and Socioeconomics. She has received several scientific and academic awards, most notably the National Award for University Studies in Geography in 1989, the National Award Accesit Publications of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in 1994, the Extraordinary Doctoral Award in 1992 , Complutense Research Award 2007, and his distinction between the ten teachers recognized as outstanding teachers by the University Complutense.


The FPC was created because of the will of 60 founders who launched this project and made it real. These 60 founders wanted to create an information platform which could be a connecting point for the three realities around forest fires: research, extinction and society. The professional profile of the FPC founders is of recognized standing, and allows the creation of a solid basis for the execution of this project. Their knowledge, advice, suggestions and contributions are part of the philosophy and key points of FPC. The group of founders is made of professionals from Catalonia, Spain and other European countries.

  • Complete Founders listing
    • Sra. Montserrat Aguilera Majoral
      PAS de la Universidad de Lleida (España)

    • Sr. Albert Alemany Capilla
      Veterinario Oficial de la Generalitat de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Albert Alvarez Nebot
      Investigador, CREAF (España)

    • Sra. Étel Arilla Alpin
      Ingeniera de Montes. Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sr. Javier Baena Aldama
      Empresario de Vallfirest (España)

    • Sra. Helena Ballart Pastor
      Ingeniera de Montes. Técnica de la Fundación Pau Costa (España)

    • Sr. Ricard Baqués Almirante
      Técnico de Gestión de Recursos Naturales (España)

    • Sr. Albert Bartolomé Regué
      Ingeniero Industrial (España)

    • Sra. Mireia Belart Guillermo
      Agente de viajes (España)

    • Sr. Javier Blanco Fernández
      Ingeniero Técnico Forestal. Analista de incendios (España)

    • Sra. Mariona Borràs Ruiz-Peinado
      Ingeniera de Montes. Técnica de la Fundación Pau Costa (España)

    • Sr. Juan Caamaño Azcárate
      Ingeniero de Montes. Técnico de la Fundación Pau Costa (España)

    • Sra. Maria Montserrat Cabré Domènech
      Ingeniera Técnica Forestal (España)

    • Sr. Xavier Castellarnau solé
      Sub-inspector de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sr. Marc Castellnou Ribau
      Inspector de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sr. Rufi Cerdán Heredia
      Geógrafo (España)

    • Sr. Jaume Costa Maestro
      Ingeniero Técnico Químico (España)

    • Sr. Xavier Costa Alcubierre
      Ingeniero Técnico Agrícola (España)

    • Sr. Nicolás Cruanyes Lee
      Ingeniero de Montes (España)

    • Sr. Iker-Felix Elizondo Alday
      Bombero de la Generalitat de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Ricard Expósito Miró
      Sub-inspector de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sr. Santiago Fuster Altadill
      Bombero de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sr. Moisés Galán Santano
      Sub-inspector de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Daniel Garcia Marco
      Ingeniero Técnico Forestal - Unidad de Análisis y Planificación - Geacam - INFOCAM - JCCM (España)

    • Sra. Núria Giménez Turco
      Ingeniera Técnica Forestal (España)

    • Sr. Guillem Guinjoan Fargas
      Sub-inspector de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Albert Jansà Sancho
      Bombero de la Generalitat de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Paul Daniel Kraus
      Especialista en Ecología del Fuego (Alemania)

    • Sr. Asier Larrañaga Otxoa De Egileor
      Sub-inspector de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sr. Santi Lleonart Vidal
      Inspector de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Marco Lorca Lombana
      Bombero de la Generalitat de Cataluña (España)

    • Sra. Marta Miralles Bover
      Sub-inspectora de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sr. Domingo Molina Terrén
      Profesor Titular de la Universidad de Lleida (España)

    • Sr. Edgar Nebot Hernández
      Sub-inspector de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sr. Jordi Oliveres Solé
      Bombero de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sr. Marco Padilla Parellada
      Ingeniero de Montes (España)

    • Sr. Jordi Pagès Castellano
      Ingeniero Técnico Forestal. Técnico de la Fundación Pau Costa (España)

    • Sr. Jose Maria Pallàs Carrera
      Bombero de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sr. Oriol Pellissa Salavadó
      Sub-inspector de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Jose Piñol Pascual
      Investigador del CREAF y Profesor de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (España)

    • Sra. Miriam Piqué Nicolau
      Doctora Ingeniera de Montes. Responsable del Área de Gestión Forestal Sostenible del Centro Tecnológico Forestal de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Eduard Plana Bach
      Ingeniero de Montes. Responsable del Área de Incendios Forestales y Territorio del Centro Tecnológico Forestal de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Joaquin Ramirez Cisneros
      Doctor Ingeniero de Montes. Empresario de Tecnosylva (España)

    • Sr. Jarkov Reverté Mendoza
      Ingeniero Técnico Forestal. Consorcio de la Sierra de Llaberia (España)

    • Sr. Luis Rodriguez Velimelis
      Arquitecto Técnico (España)

    • Sr. Jesus Rofes Maestro
      Bombero de la Generalitat de Cataluña (GRAF) (España)

    • Sra. Mireia Rosell Pons
      Arquitecta (España)

    • Sr. Francisco Javier Sierra Murga
      Sub-inspector de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Xavier Úbeda Cartañá
      Profesor Titular de la Universidad de Barcelona (España)

    • Sr. Víctor Manuel Ubiedo Figueroa
      Técnico Empresa Pública Geacam SA, Departamento de Incendios, Castilla La Mancha (España)

    • Sra. María Teresa Valor Ivars
      Ingeniera de Montes. Doctoranda en el Área de Gestión Forestal Sostenible, Centro Tecnológico Forestal de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Jordi Vendrell Flotats
      Geógrafo. Técnico de la Fundación Pau Costa (España)

    • Sr. Oriol Vilalta Caellas
      Biólogo. Técnico de de la Fundación Pau Costa (España)

    • Sra. Britta Allgöwer
      Directora del Museo Natural de Lucerne (Suiza)

    • Sr. Ramon Valls Seron
      Sargento de Bomberos de la Generalitat de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Jordi Guarque Sugrañes
      Inspector del Cuerpo de bomberos de la Generalidad de Cataluña (España)

    • Sr. Felipe Borderas Ruiz
      Ingeniero Técnico Forestal (España)

    • Sr. Ramón Octavio Bocigas
      Técnico BRIF / EPRIF (España)

    • Sr. Javier Luis Cimarro Garcia
      Técnico BRIF / EPRIF (España)

    • Sr. Raul Quilez Moraga
      Grado en ingeniería forestal y del medio natural/Técnico de Coordinación forestal y voluntariado en el Consorcio de bomberos de Valencia (España)

Executive Team

Executive team is in charge for the daily operations of the Foundation, managing human and material resources to carry out various activities of the Foundation, following the lines defined by the Board.

The Pau Costa Foundation leadership and members of its executive team, are contributing to the organization as a resulting from a talented professional experience in academic, scientific and operational wildland fire issues.

General Direction

  • Oriol Vilalta i Caellas (oriolpaucostafoundation.org)

    Projects technical direction. M.Sc degree in biology, finishes his studies involved on landscape fire ecology and fire response of the vegetation. In 2005 he starts to work at the Catalonian Fire Service, as a fire specialist in the wildland fire area and he has been a member of “Bombers Voluntaris de la Generalitat” since 2006. Likewise, he is official trainer on wildland fire at the Catalonian Fire and Rescue Academy. He was involved in the Fire Paradox project, leading the best practices on fire operations and training across Europe, developing training programs to use technical fire as a management and as tool for suppress fires in several countries around Europe and south part of the Mediterranean. In 2008 he starts to work as specialist on fire behaviour at large scale and attack-methodology in the GRAF unit, Catalonia, where is still working nowadays.

Technical Management

  • Helena Ballart (helenapaucostafoundation.org)

    Agricultural Engineer degree at UPC in 2003. Forest Engineer degree at UDL in 2007. Final degree project in temperate rain forest at Valdivias Reserve in Southern Chile, in 2006. In 2007 worked on planning forest actions for an engineering firm. During 2008 worked on education and agricultural projects development, in the world of international cooperation. On 2009 worked as engineer in charge of planning in the Catalonian Government Employment Plan to reduce the fire risk by reducing excess fuel from forest. On 2010 participated in the last phase of the European Project Fireparadox, in the technical unit of GRAF at the Fire Department of the Catalonian Government. During the 2010 and 2011 worked as technical specialist assigned to the Technical Unit GRAF. On 2010-2011 was working as official teacher at the Institute of Public Safety of Catalonia. Professor of the course “Introduction to forest fires and the use of fire” to students of primary school, in 2011.

  • Jordi Vendrell (jvendrellpaucostafoundation.org)

    Degree in Geography from the University of Barcelona (2010) has focused his studies on meteorology and the evolution of convection wildfires. In 2006 he began working on wildfires at the Catalonian Fire Department, where in 2008 he begins working as a Technical Specialist GRAF. From here, he specializes in the study of the meteorological element, like a key, for predicting the wildfires behaviour. He’s a teacher at the Institute of Public Safety of Catalonia (ISPC) on forest fires and has given several lectures in courses and masters around the close relationship between meteorology, landscape and wildfires.

  • Núria Prat Guitart (npratpaucostafoundation.org)

    Female. PhD on Environmental Science at University College Dublin, Ireland 2012-2016. MSc on Biology at Santiago de Compostela University 2010-2011 and Degree in Geography at Barcelona University 2006-2010. After graduating Núria worked in Geographic Information Systems and spatial modelling in the private sector. Nonetheless, the primary interests have always been the research of fire ecology, fire dynamics and fire effects on ecosystems. Her PhD thesis was about: “The role of moisture content on the horizontal spread of peat fires”. She is currently working in the international programs area of the institution.

  • Mariona Borràs Ruiz-Peinado (marionapaucostafoundation.org)

    Forest Engineer degree at UDL in 2007, and Agricultural Engineer degree at UPC. On 2007-2008 worked on several research projects at the ENGREF (France) on the topics of natural regeneration of the forest after the Lothar storm on 1999. On 2009 started my career on the wildfires working as coordinator inside the Catalonian Fire Department on the Catalonian Government Employment Plan to reduce the fire risk by reducing excess fuel from forest. Worked as a support technician to the Graf Technical Unit. Participated on redaction and editing tasks of the handbook “Prevention of Large Wildfires using the Fire Types Concept” from the European Fireparadox project.

  • Juan Caamaño Azcárate (juanpaucostafoundation.org)

    Programs direction. MSc degree in Forestry Engineer (2003) from the University of Madrid, Spain. He has work as a Helitanck Crew Boss and Prescribe Burn Boss for the Spanish Ministry of Environment, from 2003 to 2006. From 2006 to 2009 he started working as a Fire Manager Officer for the Andalucía government, leading and implementing the Fire Management Program. Instructor in Wildlandfire Operations and Prescribe Burn he has given many courses all over Spain. In 2010 he started working in Fire Department of Generalitat de Catalunya in the GRAF team.

  • Anna Fàbrega (annapaucostafoundation.org)

    Degree in Humanities at Autonomous University of Barcelona (1998) with Postgraduate studies in Mangement of Cultural Institutions at University Pompeu Fabra (1999). After working during 9 years in the Manresa Bar Association, she began working in the social housing company of the same city, where she started out in the management of European funded projects. Since march 2017 she is responsible of the administrative and financial area of the Foundation.


  • Etel Arilla Alpín
  • Jordi Daví (dalgun-lloc.net)
  • Jordi Pagès i Castellà (pagespaucostafoundation.org)

    He obtains the Forest engineer degree at 2003 at Lleida University. The same university where he finishes the Master degree about wildland fire analyst on 2005. He has been working in forest field works, and always keeping his main goals of a forest management capable of resisting the pas of fire. Member of the “Bombers Voluntaris de la Generalitat de Catalunya” since 1997, and official trainer at the Catalonian Fire and Rescue Academy since 2003. From 2001 starts to work as a fire specialist in the GRAF unit, Catalonia focused on the analysis and fire behaviour at large scale, and GIS technology specialist. He was working as a fire analyst at Portugal, on summer of 2007, and he is a co-author of the guide “Tools to manage the wildland fire risk al large scale on the forest management, ORGEST”.

  • Jordi Verdaguer (infoadpu.net)