Mission and Values



Pau Costa Foundation is advocating a profound change in the perception of landscape fire by the society, divulgating the knowledge on fire ecology, facilitating fire management at landscape level and bridging the gap between research, practitioners and society.
It also aims to serves as information coordination platform and contact point to exchange and transfer knowledge in the field of fire ecology research and operational fire management.



The study and development of knowledge, techniques and tools for the management and response in forest fires, and the training of personnel in this field.
The gathering and dissemination of knowledge in the field of forest fire ecology and management, as well as the study of the forest fires behaviour and the causes which originate them.
To lead the change from the concept of fire prevention towards a concept of fire-resistant landscapes.
To keep a global vision of the international environment in order to be a referent and a point of coordination, exchange and transfer of knowledge in the field of fire ecology research and management and response to forest fires.
The establishment of strategic alliances and agreements with leading institutions and organizations with the line of work, generating synergies to obtain maximum excellence in the results.


  • Action. To work in order to make ideas and projects in the field of forest fires become true.

  • Enthusiasm. The conviction and motivation of Trustees, Founders, the Technical Team and all the people who have invested their enthusiasm in the Pau Costa Foundation are our true driving force.

  • Leadership. Having trustees and founders with wide knowledge, experience and professionalism in the field of forest fires, and a consolidated experience in teamwork.

  • Flexibility. The capacity to adapt, to look for new ideas and points of view in order to evolve and improve in the field of forest fires, with a positive attitude to change.

  • Significance. The will to lead deep changes in the field of forest fires and their perception by society.